ChemGrout CG-460 High-Pressure Colloidal Series

The versatile ChemGrout model CG460/2X8 is a skid mounted, high-pressure grout plant that is designed to mix and pump neat cements at high-pressures. The CG460 features two high shear colloidal 55-gallon (208 liter) mixing tanks, and a double acting, high-pressure plunger type grout pump. Dual 55 gallon colloidal mix tanks allow for independent mixing of flushing and structural grouts.  Each mixer is equipped with variable speed, high-efficiency, high shear disks, rotating at speeds up to 3,000 rpm that provides rapid and thorough mixing. The tank outlet valves are a large 4” butterfly type that assures full material flow into pump suction. The grout pump is a double acting, positive displacement plunger style that will deliver 15 GPM (57 l/m), 2000 PSI (138 BAR).


  • Two high-shear colloidal 208 liter mixing tanks
  • Double-acting , high pressure plunger pump
  • Two colloidal mixing tanks allow for independent mixing
  • Each mixer equipped with variable speed, high efficiency, high shear disks


  • Hollow Bars
  • Grouted Anchors
  • Tiebacks
  • Post Grouting
  • Shaft Sealing
  • Water Cutoffs
  • Hydro Electric Dam Grouting